Keyword Planner: How to Exploit Google Adwords Keyword Planner to Get Unlimited, Low-Competition, Buyer-Targeted, Long-Tail Keywords (Internet Marketing … To Manual and Instruction Guide Book Series)

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Keyword Planner
How to Exploit Google Adwords Keyword Planner to Get Unlimited, Low-Competition, Buyer-Targeted, Long-Tail Keywords

Say Goodbye to the Google Keyword Tool
Google is retiring the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. How will that affect your business? Know that the “replacement”, the Keyword Planner is designed specifically for their Adwords users, and not really for the rest of us that used to use the Keyword Tool for keyword research.
There is a way to use the Keyword Planner kind of like you used to use the Keyword Tool. It is very different from the Keyword Tool, but I can show you how to sort of do some of the same things that you used to do.
However, there are some features to the Keyword Planner that could put you ahead of the other marketers, explode your profits, and bring in a never ending supply of targeted, low-competition, buyer, keywords.
When I first saw the interface to the Keyword Planner, I screamed and immediately went back to the old interface. It didn’t have the search type button to choose between exact, phrase, or broad. The filters were pathetic, and the results didn’t have the check boxes. I was absolutely miserable.
But I knew that I had to learn this new tool, or go out and buy one. That was a pretty good motivation to learn the tool. I invested a lot of time, and was able master an adequate command of the program. I documented how to use it, and taught a number of my closest friends.
What caught my attention, however, was a feature that I wasn’t expecting.
This new feature could automate something that I had been doing manually for years. It really could cut my keyword discovery time down by a half or two-thirds, and it gave me something very valuable…Amazing, buyer-targeted, long-tail, low-competition keywords that convert like crazy.
Now, the new feature really isn’t that useful without the method for using it and the exact keyword seeds and modifiers that I have developed over five years. Most marketers won’t even realize what they have with the new feature, or even have a clue as to how to use it.
But I have disclosed everything you need to take full advantage of the Google Adwords Keyword Planner in this informative book. You could start pulling in low-competition keywords that will begin drawing traffic immediately, and you would know exactly how to do it in a couple of hours of reading.
I passed the information on to some of my friends. They thought that the step-by-step instructions were amazing, and begged me to publish them. I realized that It would be hard for most marketers to learn Keyword Planner on their own, and they would never understand how to use the new features to cut down discovery time and collect the laser-targeted keywords with low competition without someone teaching them.
It really isn’t their fault that Google is pulling their old reliable tool, and that they are leaving everyone, except their Adwords customers, in a lurch. So I consented to publish this material.
This is what this book will do for you!
• Teach you keyword research using the Keyword planner—escaping the demise of your business when the keyword tool goes away.
• Profit from being an early adopter of Keyword Planner (getting to the best keywords while others are still learning how to use the tool)
• Exploit new Keyword Planner features to skyrocket returns
• Discover ultra-targeted buyer keywords
• Learn how to use Keyword planner to target specific buyers and market segments
• Learn to analyze uncovered keywords to know which ones will profit you the most
• Streamline keyword discovery and extracting low-competition keywords very quickly
• Get tons of niche “seed” words that can be plugged in to glean unlimited, long-tail keywords
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